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Consignment Services in Great Falls

Consignment Services in Great Falls

We have professional appraisers  on staff in Great Falls who can assess and accept your items by appointment for inclusion into one of our gallery auctions. Items we typically accept for consignment include but are not limited to:

  • Vehicles, Motorcycles, Motorized Equipment
  • Jewelry (Costume, Designer, Gold, Silver & Gems)
  • Watches
  • Coins & Stamps
  • Militaria
  • Musical Instruments
  • Mid Century Furniture and Décor
  • Vintage Collectibles
  • Antique Books
  • Americana & Advertising
  • Weapons, Guns, Hunting & Fishing Equipment
  • Handmade Rugs
  • Paintings & Art
  • Crocks
  • Orientalia
  • Unique and Unusual
  • Comic Books
  • Record Albums
  • Vintage Toys and Dolls
  • All Things Valuable or Collectible!
  • AND MORE… (Please ask!)

If you’ve only got a few items you’d like to sell, consider our consignment services in Great Falls today! Learn more by speaking with a team member.

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