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Online Estate Sale Auctions

Bidding and buying with ezDownsizing.com could not be easier!  Simply register with a credit card, sign-in, and you’re on your way!  We will warn you however, ezDownsizing.com’s online auctions can become an addiction due to the adrenaline rush of ‘winning’ items, and the great deals you won’t find anywhere else! We have thousands of customers all over the country who look forward to the ‘next auction’ because no two auctions are ever the same – and you never know what you’re going to find! 

ezDownsizing.com specializes in estate sale online auctions, which means we sell the contents of homes to include everything from the furniture, clothes, cars, tools, jewelry and watches, to the cleaning supplies under the sink!  If it is in the house, garage, attic, storage shed, basement or yard… it’s going up for auction!  Our bidders rarely buy a single item at our events because if they are going to make the trip to pick up their winnings, they are going to make it worth their while!

Online Auction Bidding Tips

Even if you’re already a pro at online auctions, like eBay, there are some special features along with some tips and tricks we want to share with you to make your bidding experience with us a favorable one!

  • Read the terms and conditions of the auction(s). Knowledge is power, so please familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of each of our online auctions in which you may participate. Understand where the auction is being conducted (important because you will need to pick-up your winnings), understand the date(s) and times the items need to be picked up.  Do not purchase items first, and then find out the items are further away than you’d like to travel to retrieve them, or the scheduled pick-up is on a day or time when you are unavailable. 
  • Understand exactly what it is you are bidding on. Items sold at our online auctions are sold ‘as is’. Pay close attention to both the item descriptions and the photographs.  If it is unclear if the computer comes with a keyboard and mouse – ask the question! If you are unsure about a particular lot or item, bid conservatively so you do not put yourself at risk.  Always assume the worst and never gamble on getting more than what you can see!
  • Preview items in person when possible. Most of our online auctions provide for an inspection period for potential bidders to look at items they may be interested in purchasing. Inspecting an item in person will provide you with a better comfort level when bidding and will provide you an edge over bidders who do not attend. Buying used items online is not like buying on Amazon or eBay where you can return items if you are unhappy.  com will ALWAYS stand behind our descriptions if an item is misrepresented. If you are unable to attend preview, calling us during preview hours will permit our staff in attendance to look at specific items for you and answer questions you may have.
  • Do your homework. When it comes time to bid on an item, do your homework and find out the value of the item by checking other resources. Set an amount you are willing to bid up to, and do not forget to include the buyer’s premium, which is an additional charge added to your bid amount. Do not get so carried away with ‘winning’ that you bid more on a used toaster oven you could have gotten new at a better price at Walmart.
  • Remain diligent in the final minutes of the auction closing. Despite you being the winning bidder all week long, you will find out that the auction bidding activity increases substantially during the final minutes. You can save yourself some time and frustration by simply using the ‘Proxy Bid’ feature, which will permit the software to bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid.  Do not be left out in the cold because your phone dropped the connection or you had to step away and you ended up missing out an item on which you were willing to bid quite a bit more to win.  You will also notice ezDownsizing.com’s auctions possess a ‘soft close’ feature, which will add time to a lot closing if a bid is placed in the final two minutes on that item. As long as bidding activity continues on an item – the item will remain open for bidding to permit you (or your rival) to place an additional bid, much like a live auction.
  • Picking up your winnings. Be sure to be at the right location and on time when picking up your winnings.  Also, you will want to bring plenty of boxes and packing materials with you because those items are rarely available.  Additionally, you will want to bring necessary tools, equipment and assistance you help you safely remove your larger items.  It is always a good idea to again plan for the worst by assuming the piano you purchased is in the basement and you will need the correct tools to disassemble it, and some very capable assistance in moving it. 

Follow the above tips and tricks and you will be an ezDownsizing.com online auction pro in no time!  We are a friendly group of individuals who are doing what we love to do and we embrace those who share or passion! Give us a call if you have any questions about anything and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Join A Seller-Managed Online Auction

With ezDownsizing.com, bidding in an online estate auction has never been easier! You can join a variety of auction events such as:

At the conclusion of the auction, we immediately process the winning bidders’ payment via their credit card on file. We Once the auction has ended, we identify the items purchased and assist the buyer in retrieving their goods during the seller’s scheduled pickup hours. It’s that easy!

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