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Are you interested in finding out more about how ezDownsizing.com can assist you in making additional income? We are looking for partners!

Partnering Professional

Estate sale professionals are taking advantage of ezDownsizing.com’s innovative online auction software for its ease of use in supporting their self-managed online auction estate sales. With AuctionMethod’s mobile app, which can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet, sellers able to quickly photograph, catalog and upload their online estate auctions in record time. ezDownsizing.com provides its Partnering Professionals with the training, support, and tips and tricks necessary to become online auction pros. We also provide (at no cost) side-by-side real-time exposure with our experienced online auction staff to build your level of confidence. Our goal is to make YOU look good for your clients!

Have a lead?

Referral Partner

We will pay you 10% of our commission to simply refer estates and large collections to us for processing. Call us today to sign a contract and put us in contact with the individual(s) you believe would benefit from ezDownsizing.com’s services.

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Reduce commission rates by self-listing your items using our app.

Associate Consignor

ezDownsizing.com’s Associate Consignors are realizing significant commission rate reductions by self-listing their items. From their phone or tablet Associate Consignors can photograph their items, catalog them, create the descriptions and upload them onto ezDownsizing.com’s online auction site for review and inclusion into one of our upcoming online auction events. Once you have listed your items onto our prescribed platform, simply drop them off at our facility and we will take care of the rest.  We appreciate our Associate Consignors and are letting them know by providing them with up to 50% off standard commission rates. Contact us today to find out how to become an ezDownsizing.com Associate Consignor.

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